Diving and Snorkeling

If your love of sea doesn’t include only the beach, but you want to discover the wonders under its surface, the Island of Elba is the right place for you!

Marine protected areas, submerged shipwrecks and in general the variety of the sea bottoms are an attraction for those who want to admire a lot of different marine species in their natural habitat.

The snorkeling is an activity for everyone and it requires only fins, diving mask and tube snorkel with which you can swim observing the world below. Its simplicity doesn’t deceive you, the snorkeling can give you so much satisfaction!

If you rent an apartment in Marina di Campo, two-room apartment or three-room apartment for example,  you can explore a shore with a lot of inlets, bays, rocks and you can find that the seabed changes continually and the marine life changes too.

Furthermore in Pomonte, a small village not far from Marina di Campo, you can swim next to the shipwreck Elviscot, sunk in 1972, it is just 50 meters to the shore.

You get excited about seeing the underwater bridges and now there are so many fish species who will swim  a few meters from you without fear.

If you don’t want only to see from the surface and you want to discover the amazing sea bottoms of the Island ,so you have to dive your way!

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, you have to consider that Marina di Campo has a strategic position for those who want to explore the sea of the island: from here you can reach quickly all the south shore, the western shore and the north shore.

From Marina di Campo it’s easy to reach the Island of Pianosa, where there are some marks for the diving groups who will be able to enjoy one of the most wonderful marine view of Italy: the island is in fact a marine reserve and so it’s possible to observe a wonderful variety of fishes.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert diver or a beginner, count on us and on our twenty-years experience to organize your holidays at the beach!