Rio Marina

The “City of Iron” for excellence, Rio Marina is a relatively young district, born after gaining independence in 1882 from Rio nell’Elba.

You can trace the birth of the country in the eighteenth century when the activities of mining-related business were moved from Rio nell’Elba towards the sea.

The territory of Rio Marina is definitely the one who has suffered more human intervention, seeing completely changed progressively and substantially its conformation, which in time took on the characteristics of its mining area.

The advent of tourism in the sixties generated a substantial change to the economy of Rio Marina, which is still able to maintain its original character.

Of particular interest is the Port Tower built around 1534 by James V Appiani, characterized by an octagonal plan and a clock face on each side added to the late nineteenth century. Also noted in the Port area is the Latin cross Church of San Rocco of the sixteenth century..

A visit is definitely worth the Mineralogical Museum in the palace of the Bureau, which has exposure of 700 types of minerals of Elba.

In the fraction of Cavo, the northernmost town of the island, we indicate the presence of the remains of an ancient Roman villa dating from the first century. B.C. and the second century. AD, and the valuable Mausoleum Tonietti on Mount Lenisco constructed by the famous architect Adolfo Coppedè.

Market Days: Monday in the centre, on Wednesday in the fraction of Cavo