Tourists who travel to Elba are not only people that want to enjoy beaches and sun, but also groups of visitors who want to enjoy the island from an other perspective, less popular but just as fascinating.

Actually the Island offers a large choice for its visitors: in addition to every kind of beach you can find many different environments in a small area, such as Mediterranean scrub and chestnut forest and in some period of the year, during the same day, you can pick up shells on the beach or search for mushrooms in the forest!

In addition to seaside tourism it’s very popular sport tourism: whether you love trekking, or mountain biking, snorkeling or sailing, on the island you will find what you are looking for.

During all the year the island has a milder climate than peninsula climate and for this reason it’s the perfect destination for outdoor sports especially in low season: you can go along many tracks walking or cycling, in all the island and there are a large choice of tracks and difficulties. You will be amazed by views, always different.

If you love the sea and you want to discover hidden sea, the sea of Elba will let you discover underwater life.

The Island has a lot of things to offer for the history and the culture and it’s also the ideal destination for school trips.

If you are a sporty person and you like nature, the best solution is renting an apartment: Marina di Campo has a strategic position to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of the Island and on its area you will find a lots of different tracks.