How to reach Elba Island

Reaching Elba by car

To reach Elba Island by car it is necessary to reach the maritime station of Piombino where you can find all the ferries companies engaged in the daily transport service to and from Elba Island.

It will take just 1 hour to cover the 10 km that separate the island from the continent, to reach the main port of Portoferraio or the ports of Rio Marina and Cavo.

Alternatively there is a fast hydrofoil for passenger only which takes just 35 minutes to reach Portoferraio.


From Milan Motorway A1 (Autostrada del Sole) take the A15 at Parma Ovest (Autocamionale Cisa) to join the A12 Genoa-Livorno, exit at Rosignano, continue on the SS Aurelia (direction Rome) to Venturina-Elba Island and from there follow the signs (PORT-Elba) up to the port of Piombino.


In Bologna take the A1 motorway towards Florence, arrived in Florence follow signs to Pisa-Livorno; exceeded Livorno exit at Rosignano , then continue on the SS Aurelia towards Grosseto-Rome to Venturina-Elba Island and then follow the signs (PORT – ferries Elba Island) until you reach the port of Piombino.

Alternatively, the S.G.C. Florence-Pisa-Livorno: exit at Florence Signa and follow the SS to Collesalvetti, return to Highway to Rosignano, take the highway to Venturina- Elba Island to Piombino Marittima.


Take the A12 Roma-Grosseto: SS1 Aurelia exit Venturina-Isola d ‘Elba and then follow the signs (PORT – ferries Elba Island) until you reach the port of Piombino.

Coming to Elba by train

The train station of Piombino Marittima is inside the port just a few meters away and directly on the docks where the ferries of different company are.

Please note the official website of the state railways, where you can find schedules, costs and the possibility to book the tickets.

Arriving to Elba by bus

From Milan:

Two transport companies make bus service on the route Milan-Elba Island-Milan


From Florence:

A company provides the service on Elba Island-Florence-Elba Island route.This is the SITA of Florence.

Buses wait in the train station front square of Piombino Marittima just a few meters away from the Moby- Toremar-Blu Navy ferries moor

Reaching Elba by plane

Elba Island’s airport is in Marina Di Campo. This small civil airport is mainly used by small private aircraft.

SILVER AIR Company provides air links with Pisa, Firenze and Milano Linate.

It will be available to fly also from Altenrhein, Monaco, Zurigo e Friedrichschafen with INTERSKY COMPANY

At last, the Swiss company SKYWORK offers a links with Berna.

Coming to Elba by ferry

The port of Piombino is the starting point of all maritime links that connect Elba Island to the mainland.

The four Ferries Company offer a daily service from 5.00 am to 22.30 pm. The average time of the crossing is about an hour but you can also take a hydrofoil which reduces the crossing time to only 35 minutes.For passengers on foot there are no boarding problems.About cars, it is advisable to book in advance especially during the summer and on weekends in order to have the certainty of transportation and also to take advantage of discounted tariffs from the ferry companies.

We book for you ferry tickets with the companies Moby – Toremar – Blunavy – Corsica Ferries