By Day

Hike the Mount Capanne

The highest mountain in the entire archipelago, with its 1019 m the summit of Monte Capanne offers visitors an incredible view. Within walking distance with a challenging hiking, however, is easily visited thanks to the cableway which brings you from the foot of the town of Marciana to the top of the summit in no time. Choosing a sunny day and clear air, you will see the whole island and the look will range up to touch all the islands of the Tuscan coast and Corsica.


Visit the mines in Capoliveri

Starting from the visit to the Museum of Vecchia Officina (Old Workshop), structure founded in the original buildings where it was made ??the working of iron, which incorporated a very ancient history of the precious mineral and of the men who were working it, you go on a journey rich in emotion. Crossing the promontory of Mount Calamita, you can reach by a minibus the underground gallery of Ginevro, a real industrial archaeological site in a charming setting that offers, through a guided tour, the history of the various techniques of extraction of magnetite, and discover the world of the miners.


Have a boat trip

Spending a day aboard a boat is definitely an experience not to be missed. A unique opportunity to explore bays, beaches, caves can not be reached from the ground and enjoy exclusive bathrooms away from the bustle of the beaches. A real relaxing day immersed in the blue and in complete harmony with nature.

You can choose various formulas to fully enjoy a similar experience: itineraries, duration and type of means.


Discover the Castle of Volterraio

Accessible by a walking trail of about an hour, which starts from the road Volterraio, Volterraio castle, manifests itself in all its extraordinary beauty. Built at the top of a cliff overlooking the bay of Portoferraio, supporting perfectly the forms of the rock, is a masterpiece of military architecture. Etruscan Fortress, then Roman, was rebuilt and enlarged by the Pisani and by architect Vanni di Gherardo Rau. The origin of its name derives from the name of the designer himself or, more likely, from the Latin word “vultur” vulture, animal very common at the time that nests on cliffs. And ‘his very special location nestled like a vulture’s nest on steep cliffs that has ensured its impregnability. With further reinforcement work carried out by the Appiani of the fifteenth century, it managed to resist the attacks of the Turks first and then of those of the terrible pirate Dragut.

The skyline from Volterraio castle is very suggestive and one of the most beautiful of Elba’s.


Visit Rio Marina’s Mineral Park

Just from the centre of the town of Rio Marina a very interesting and unique path starts. It is inside the Palace of the Burò that, in fact the Mineralogical Museum was created, one of the most important collections of minerals as well as extraordinary champions also highlights the world of the miners through the faithful reconstruction of the built environment of the mines with its original materials and machinery. But this is only the beginning. The Mineral Park is in fact a real path of recovery and enhancement of the former mining areas. After visiting the museum you can make excursions on foot or aboard a train, accompanied by expert guides to discover the environmental main mining sites.