Marciana Marina

With the end of the danger of pirate raids and then obtained its independence in 1884 from Marciana, Marciana Marina conforms as an autonomous entity and begins to develop around the two historic symbols of its territory: the Tower of Pisa in the twelfth century and the core living history “The Cotton” built around a small cove that offered a safe harbour for fishing boats.

Among the most common small size district of Italy, Marciana Marina is characterized in its historic core, which remains one of the “Cotton” with its colourful houses close to each other that look out over the sea, in the centre with the Church Santa Chiara, in the extensive waterfront where you can see nineteenth-century architectural features and you can find rows of tamarisk trees, which accompany us to the tower.

His vocation was long linked to the agriculture and fisheries, but the advent of tourism on the island radically changed his appearance both territorial and economic.

Very interesting is the visit to the beach in the locality of Bagno, where once stood one of the many tunny –fishing nets of Elba Island. The tuna fishing was in fact the one that assumed a relevant character in the economy of the island. Products derived from this fishery products were exported in large quantities.

Completely open to the sea from the northwest to northeast, thanks to the construction of the dam at the beginning of ‘900, has over time become an important and safe harbour, the first of Corsica last landing.

Market day: Tuesday

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